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September 5th, 2012 About Us

Cohen Asset Management’s Stays Up-to-Date With Commercial Real Estate Market Cycles

Brad S. Cohen has built an impressive team of Principals and partners. With their West Coast corporate office headquarters in vibrant, Los Angeles, California, and a subsidiary East Coast corporate office not far from the financial movers and shakers of New York City in the state of New Jersey, the CAM group has built an impressive and growing client list.

In addition to the notable resumes of President and CEO Brad S. Cohen and keep abreast of ever-changing market cycles in the real estate marketplace. CAM also maintains ongoing partnerships with highly respected independent research entities which include CBRE Econometric Advisors, who provide independent analysis of key opportunities as needed for clients and holdings. In addition to outside thirds parties, Cohen Asset also conducts and completes its own market analysis and research studies to evaluate each real estate opportunity in turn. These acquisitions and holdings are concentrated to date in the continental United States, with holdings on both the West Coast (Northern California, Southern California) and East Coast (New Jersey, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Allentown, Philadelphia) as well as certain key markets into the Mid-Continent and Mid-West regions (Phoenix, Dallas, Fort Worth). With areas of interest and investment including small industrial spaces, larger warehouse spaces, flex spaces, and spaces used for research and development (“R&D”), CAM keeps a diversified and balanced portfolio to meet the interests and demands of its ever-expanding client base.

As a private real estate investment company, Cohen Asset Management, Inc. prides itself on being highly responsive to each client the firm accepts. With a continued investment-minded entrepreneurial focus, this elite group has built a nationwide reputation for excellence in client customer service, investment acumen, operational and property management expertise, as well as other real estate matters.

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